Questlove, Black America, and No Such Thing as Asian American Cool

20140523 Bruce Lee Pic 1


The Root’s Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson is 43 years-old (!), has been making music for three decades (!!), and has the privilege and perspective of years. He’s also willing to share it. In this case it’s in an ongoing series of six essays entitled “Questlove’s How Hip-Hop Failed Black America” for Vulture.  It is one of the smartest things I’ve read on pop culture.

In particular, “Part III: What Happens When Black Loses Its Cool?” hit home because it suggests that, as it stands, Asian America will struggle to ever generate anything close to the kind of “cool” that’s come from black America. We’ll get to that in a sec, but first let’s let Questlove explain America’s black cool. Continue reading