Not in Manila Anymore, Toto (From Manila to Bacolod, in pictures)

IMG 9383

The most remarkable thing about traveling from Manila to Bacolod is how uneventful it was. Let me explain.


IMG 9376 001

Flight on Zest Air (i.e. Air Asia) got cancelled yesterday and we all got bumped to today. We didn’t have any idea why until we hit the airport for the makeup flight.


IMG 9379

Turns out since the typhoon (nicknamed “Yolanda” here and the more exotic “Haiyan” in the States), this hasn’t been a very popular route. There was almost no one on the plane.


IMG 9382

Check it out from the front. This is the emptiest flight any of us seasoned travelers have ever experienced. Couldn’t help but feeling a bit sorry for the flight attendants who still had to go through the motions of pushing the service cart up and down the aisles, offering to sell us Air Asia swag, and pretend like anyone would care if someone bombed the plane. Sample fake dialogue:

Person A: “A bomb blew up on a 150 seat AirBus en route to Bacolod in the Philippines.”

Person B: “That’s terrible! A terrorist attack! What a tragedy!”

Person A: “Only 15 people died including the pilots and crew.”

Person B: “Oh, well that’s not so bad.”

Person A: “That’s because there were only 15 people on the plane.”

Person B: “Oh. Uhh, well those were some idiot terrorists, then.”

Person A: “Yeah. I only found out about it because I saw Jay Leno in his Tonight Show opening monologue. You know, where he talks about random news and says, like ‘Did you hear about the terrorists who bombed the plane with only 12 passengers on it in the Philippines. . .’ or whatever.”

Person B: “Really? So, what was the line?”

Person A: “I don’t remember. It wasn’t that funny.”

Person B: “Oh. Well, wanna get a cheese burger?”

Person A: “Sure, but only if I drive. I have to go by Walmart to pick up some corn removers for the wife.

Person B: “They’re cheaper at Walgreens. My girlfriend had corns so I had to pick some up when I had my herpes medicine refilled.” [and so on]

But for us, by being the most uneventful flight, it became one of our most memorable.

IMG 9385

The land around Bacolod is much less developed than around Manila. We’re here to visit family on our mothers’ side, for me, for the first time in 20 years.


IMG 9386 001

See, more countryside! Around the airport even.


IMG 9390

Passengers rush off the jetway to beat the crowd at baggage claim.


IMG 9391

Thank you, Zest Air. Hope to see you (still in business) soon!



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